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an opening move in chess where an initial sacrifice is made to gain a greater future advantage—came to fruition yesterday when British police forces in London announced that Assange had been “arrested on behalf of the United States authorities”—a move that can only be likened to Trump achieving “Checkmate”—a chess move in which a player's king is threatened with capture and there is no way to remove the threat—against his “Deep State” adversaries—the most dangerous of whom is Hillary Clinton—who after her hearing of Assange being taken into custody for Trump, resignedly stated “he’s the only foreigner that this administration would welcome to the US”—as she knows her final demise is no longer a question of “if”, but of “when”.[Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]



Triumphant Wikileaks leader Julian Assange placed under British police protection by order of President Trump on 11 April 2019


According to this report, for over 3-years, the Wikileaks leader Julian Assange has been portrayed by the “Deep State” and their mainstream propaganda media lapdogs as the central figure in their fictional made for television Trump-Russian Collusion political thriller—and was due to their never proven claim that Assange received from the Russian government emails stolen from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta and her Democratic National Committee—with these stolen emails than being claimed to have been strategically deployed...continue

by Assange, Russia and Trump to inflict the greatest damage possible on Clinton and her campaign.

The two most critical dates involving these stolen emails, this report notes, are 10 July 2016—the date Democratic National Committee computer staffer Seth Rich was assassinated, after which Wikileaksoffered a $20,000 reward for his assassins capture—and 17 May 2017—the date Robert Mueller was appointed Special Counsel and charged with investigating everything having to do with TrumpAssange and Russian collusion in the 2016 US Presidential Election.   




Of the most concerning of these stolen emails released by Wikileaks, this report details, was the one written by Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta that warned “I'm definitely for making an example of a suspected leaker whether or not we have any real basis for it”—after which Seth Rich, who had access to all of these stolen emails, was assassinated—and whose last night alive was spent drinking at a Washington D.C. bar with Imran Awan—the Pakistani national placed by than Democratic National Committee director, and Democrat Party US Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to be in charge of her entire compute system—that is until late 2017 when Awan placed a laptop computer in a US Senate building in the middle of the night with several urgent letters addressed to the US Department of Justice, with his than attempting to flee the United States—but after whose capture, arrest and criminal charges, this past July-2018, mysteriously saw his case “going underground”.


With Julian Assange being the only main figure in this entire political drama able to answer the question if Seth Rich, indeed, leaked Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta’s andCongresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s Democratic National Committees emails to Wikileaks, this report notes, one would have fully expected Special Counsel Mueller to make Assange one of his first investigative subjects—but is an expectation never met as Mueller never interviewed Assange.

As to why Special Counsel Mueller never interviewed the most important person alive having concrete and definitive knowledge of everything having to do with who really leaked these emails, this report explains, the SVR previously detailed was because of Julian Assange being a known and long time CIA operative involved in a brutal factional war between “Deep State” intelligence agencies over the fate of President Trump—and that, on 12 January 2018, saw Assange firmly choosing a side in this war when he posted to his Twitter account the long awaited “Marshall Attack” chess move messagesignaling his acceptance of Trump’s “terms”—and that occurred barely a fortnight after the “Deep State”, on 25 December 2017, sent an unmistakable Twitter threat message through the Office of US Naval Intelligence with the single words “Julian Assange—thus showing their knowing of Trump’s negotiations with Assange, and the grave threat they both posed to them. 



Deep State” sends Twitter threat message to Julian Assange on 25 December 2017…


…that Assange responded to a fortnight later, on 12 January 2018, with his “Marshall Attack” chess move message to President Trump.


Being lost upon the American people as the epic and titanic struggle for the fate of their nation nears its end, this report further details, are that the events occurring today are a near exact mirror-match for what occurred there in 1933—and was when the “Deep State” set upon the newly elected President Franklin D. Roosevelt to throw him from power by a military coup and than join the United States with Nazi Germany—that is known as the “Business Plot”—and was only stopped by the most decorated US Marine in American history, General Smedley Butler—who after being offered by these coup plotters the command of the military forces to overthrow Roosevelt, outright refused, and exposed them to the US Congress—and in whose open testimony, solemnly declared: “May I preface my remarks by saying, sir, that I have one interest in all of this, and that is to try to do my best to see that a democracy is maintained in this country”.

Likewise, today, doing his “best to see that a democracy is maintained in this country”, like General Butler did by refusing to take part in the overthrow of President Roosevelt, this report notes, is US Navy Admiral Mike Rogers—the Director of the National Security Agency in the Obama-Clinton Regime—but who upon Trump’s election, rushed to warn him about the coup plot against him, thus making him one of the greatest hero’s of their nation the American people aren’t being told about.



With Julian Assange now in British police custody due to US federal indictment so flimsily a first year law student would have no trouble destroying it in front of a jury, this report concludes, most important to note is that the single charge against him can never be added to because of the Doctrine of Specialty” provisions outlined the US-UK extradition treaty that strictly forbids additional criminal charges being placed against extradited persons to either country—and whose extradition fight in the British courts to keep from being sent to the US can be exactly compared to computer hacker Gary McKinnon—whose legendary extradition fight to keep from being sent to the US to face multiple computer hacking charges, saw an exhausted British government giving up completely after 10-years—thus meaning that whatever ultimate fate might await Assange, it, most certainly, and beyond all doubt, now rests in what President Trump plans to do next—but whose unmistakable clues about were provided this week by US Attorney General William Barr stunningly revealing his investigation into “Deep State” spying on the Trump campaign—and Trump himself declaring that what was done to him was “an attempted coup”—that now joins him with President Roosevelt as being one of the only two leaders in American history to have survived one, at least so far. 

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