Dealt: Transforming Retail Services with a New Strategy

Dealt: Transforming Retail Services with a New Strategy

Dealt, a French startup previously known as Mon Super Voisin, successfully raised a €6 million funding round a few months ago, marking a significant milestone in its journey. The startup recently underwent a crucial pivot in its business model, a move that has proven to be the right decision based on its latest funding round. This shift offers valuable insights for early-stage founders considering pivoting their businesses but hesitating to take the plunge.

Evolution from Mon Super Voisin to Dealt

Initially, Mon Super Voisin operated as a typical freelancer marketplace for household tasks. Users could utilize the platform to hire individuals for various one-off tasks like mounting a TV, assembling furniture, or deep-cleaning their homes. However, the company observed that many of these tasks did not lead to repeat customers. Despite finding service providers through the platform, clients often opted to deal directly with the hired individuals, bypassing the platform entirely.

Moreover, Mon Super Voisin discovered that a significant portion of the user requests were related to post-purchase services. For example, individuals purchasing a washing machine often required assistance in transporting and installing the appliance in their homes. This realization prompted a strategic shift in the company's focus.

The New Focus: Service Platform for Retailers

Dealt has refocused its efforts on building a service platform tailored for retailers rather than end customers. By partnering with retailers, Dealt aims to enhance the post-purchase experience for consumers, providing a seamless and convenient solution for service-related tasks. One of its key collaborations is with Mr. Bricolage, a prominent DIY retailer in France. Dealt operates a white-label platform for Mr. Bricolage, enabling the retailer to offer additional services to its customers.

Enhancing Retail Services with Dealt

Through its partnership with Mr. Bricolage, Dealt has revolutionized the delivery and installation services offered by the retailer. By leveraging Dealt's platform, Mr. Bricolage can provide a range of installation services, covering items such as light fittings, curtain rails, mixer taps, toilets, and shower cubicles. This enhanced service offering not only benefits consumers but also opens up new revenue streams for the retailer.

Previously, Mr. Bricolage stores relied on business cards of local craftsmen for service-related needs, leading to uncertainties regarding pricing and transaction transparency. With Dealt's platform, both retailers and service providers benefit from a streamlined process where pricing is clear, transactions are facilitated, and customer satisfaction is prioritized.

Adoption and Expansion

Dealt's innovative distribution strategy operates on a software-as-a-service model, ensuring a symbiotic relationship between the platform, retailers, and service providers. Retailers pay a subscription fee to access Dealt's platform, enabling them to offer services and earn a percentage from each transaction. For service providers, Dealt serves as a marketplace to connect with potential clients and diversify their revenue streams.

Noteworthy clients such as Jardiland, Truffaut, and Botanic have partnered with Dealt to offer gardening services, showcasing the platform's versatility in catering to various sectors. Beyond traditional retailers, Dealt's clientele includes companies like Fnac-Darty, Orange, and E.Leclerc, highlighting the broad spectrum of services facilitated through the platform.

With an extensive network of 10,000 service providers, 500 retail stores, and 40 e-commerce clients, Dealt is poised for further expansion. The company plans to venture into other European markets, beginning with Belgium, Switzerland, and Spain in the upcoming year.

Funding and Future Prospects

The recent €6 million funding round led by La Poste Ventures, along with the participation of GO Capital, One Green, Holnest, Neo Founders, and several business angels, signifies a vote of confidence in Dealt's innovative approach. This financial backing will enable the startup to scale its operations, enhance its technology infrastructure, and broaden its market reach.

Dealt's strategic pivot from Mon Super Voisin to a service platform for retailers underscores the importance of adaptability and foresight in navigating the ever-evolving business landscape. By catering to the growing demand for post-purchase services and establishing fruitful collaborations with retail partners, Dealt is reshaping the retail services industry and setting a precedent for future innovation in the sector.

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