Google Acquires Cameyo: Bringing Windows Apps to ChromeOS

Google Acquires Cameyo: Bringing Windows Apps to ChromeOS

Google has recently acquired Cameyo, a company specializing in virtualization tools that allow Windows apps to run on ChromeOS devices. This acquisition is aimed at enhancing ChromeOS by providing users with easier access to Windows apps without the need for complex installations or updates.

Benefits of the Acquisition

Cameyo's CEO, Andrew Miller, and Google's product lead, Naveen Viswanatha, highlighted the benefits of this acquisition in a blog post. They emphasized that the integration of Cameyo's virtual application delivery technology with the power of ChromeOS will enable businesses to modernize their IT infrastructure while still utilizing their existing software investments.

The collaboration between ChromeOS and Cameyo will streamline the process of running Windows apps on ChromeOS devices, making it more convenient and efficient for users. This acquisition aligns with Google's efforts to enhance the functionality of ChromeOS, especially in the business and education sectors.

The Innovation Behind Cameyo

Cameyo was founded in January 2018 by CTO Eyal Dotan and CEO Andrew Miller with the goal of developing a platform that enables the virtualization of Windows apps. Their innovative approach allows Windows apps to run on non-Windows machines and even within web browsers. This technology is based on the concept of "virtualizing" applications and delivering them from various cloud environments, including public clouds like AWS or private/hybrid cloud setups.

Last year, Google and Cameyo collaborated to introduce features such as Windows app local file system integration and the ability to deliver virtual Windows apps as progressive web apps. These advancements paved the way for the acquisition and further integration of Cameyo's technology into ChromeOS.

Advancing ChromeOS in Business and Education

Google's acquisition of Cameyo signifies its commitment to promoting ChromeOS in business and education environments. The partnership with Cameyo offers organizations the flexibility to transition away from Windows or seamlessly operate with both Windows and ChromeOS. This is particularly appealing as more applications migrate to cloud-based and web technologies.

Cameyo's established track record in serving a diverse range of organizations, including school districts and financial institutions, underscores the reliability and effectiveness of their software solutions. The acquisition by Google is expected to further strengthen Cameyo's market presence and drive innovation in virtualization technology.

In conclusion, the acquisition of Cameyo by Google represents a significant development in the integration of Windows apps on ChromeOS devices. This strategic move not only enhances the capabilities of ChromeOS but also provides users with a seamless and efficient way to leverage Windows applications. With the combined expertise of Cameyo and Google, the future of virtualization technology looks promising for businesses and educational institutions alike.

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