The New Kobo E-Readers: A Detailed Review

The New Kobo E-Readers: A Detailed Review


Recently, Kobo released a range of new e-readers, including color versions of the Libra 2 and Clara, as well as an updated monochrome version of the Clara. In this review, we will explore the features of these new e-readers and determine if they are worth the upgrade.

Color E-Readers: Clara Colour and Libra Colour

The color editions of the Clara and Libra e-readers feature E Ink's latest Kaleido 3 display, promising vibrant colors for an enhanced reading experience. However, after testing these devices, it is evident that the color reproduction is still not up to par. The colors appear desaturated and washed out, making it difficult to fully enjoy comics or websites on these e-readers.

One might question the need for color on a 6" device, as the small screen size can make reading comics or graphic content challenging. Additionally, the color layer on these devices actually diminishes the quality of black and white content, reducing contrast and overall readability.

While the screen does display a wide variety of colors, the desaturation of these colors is a significant drawback. The larger Libra Colour, with its 7" screen, offers slightly improved readability but suffers from the same color reproduction issues as the Clara Colour.

Overall, the color versions of these e-readers may not be suitable for most users due to their subpar color quality and diminished black and white display.

Monochrome E-Reader: Clara BW

In contrast, the monochrome version of the Clara e-reader, known as Clara BW, offers a more practical and affordable option for users. The Clara BW features the Carta 1300 series screen, which provides slightly better contrast and faster page-turning speeds compared to its predecessor, the Clara 2E.

Upon comparing the Clara BW with the Clara 2E, the improvements in screen performance are noticeable, particularly in faster page-turning capabilities. The clarity and contrast of the display are on par with the Clara 2E, with a slight advantage in favor of the Clara BW.

The Clara BW is recommended as a cost-effective and efficient e-reader for most users, offering a straightforward reading experience without the distractions of ads. Users can customize fonts and documents, utilize the built-in library app, and enjoy a seamless reading experience without any crashing issues.

Should You Upgrade?

If you currently own a Clara 2E or a Clara HD, the upgrade to the Clara BW may not be necessary, as the improvements in text quality are not significant. However, for new users or those looking for a reliable and budget-friendly e-reader, the Clara BW is a recommended choice.

Additionally, it is advisable to invest in the faux-leather "sleep cover" for added protection and convenience. The cover not only safeguards the device from damage but also functions as a stand for hands-free reading. The Cayenne Red color option ensures that you can easily locate your e-reader and adds a touch of style to your reading experience.

In conclusion, the new Kobo e-readers offer a range of options to suit different preferences and needs. While the color versions may fall short in color quality, the monochrome Clara BW stands out as a practical and efficient choice for most users.


In conclusion, the latest Kobo e-readers offer a variety of features for users to consider. While the color versions may not meet expectations in terms of color quality, the Clara BW provides a reliable and cost-effective option for avid readers.

With its improved screen performance and budget-friendly price, the Clara BW is a recommended choice for those in search of a simple and efficient e-reader. Investing in a protective cover can further enhance the reading experience and ensure the device's longevity.

Overall, the Kobo e-readers offer a diverse range of options to cater to different reading preferences and requirements. Whether you prefer vibrant colors or a traditional black and white display, Kobo has something for everyone in their latest lineup.

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